Pep Guadiola and Jose Mourinho both have to show more respect to each other

The Manchester derby might not be the most fiesty of all derbies in England but the aftermath of the game on Sunday left so many bemused. After a game that was majorly dominated by the visitor, Manchester City, it was no surprised that the game ended 2-1 in their favour.

The tactical prowess Pep Guadiola exhibited that day was second to none in the league at the moment. This is despite the fact that City were not at their best. However the tunnel “milk gate” that was reported by different sections of the media is one that left many questions to be answered.

Football is an emotional game and this is not Sumo wrestling. Winning a game in the home of your arch rivals is a big deal. Doing it to go 11 points ahead of your opponent is even a bigger deal. Jose Mourinho have to realized this.

Depending on the part of the report you want to believe but one thing is common to all the reports, Mourinho intruded into the dressing room of the away side asking them to reduce the volume of the music they’re playing. The respect Jose crave for was not going to be gotten especially at that point in time. History made us also realized that Mourinho is not free of similar crime he accused City of.

In 2010, while he was the coach of Inter Milan, his team qualified to the finals of the UEFA Champions league ahead of Pep Guadiola’s Barcelona at the Nou Camp. The Portuguese ran the length and breadth of the field in celebration and jubilation in front of the disappointed home fans. No one cautioned or asked him to stop or show respect to the Camp Nou fans. Victory in football can be celebrated in your own way.

Pep Guadiola admitted in his pre match conference against Swansea that he told his players to celebrate. Whatever the form of celebration, we really can’t say. However, it was obvious he was taking a dig at Mourinho’s intrusion into their dressing room. The fact that the fiasco engrossed to the point where City assistant coach, Mikel Arteta was bleeding and José Mourinho had milk spilled on him shows that it was more than the win.

It’s the long standing rivalry between the two managers. They both arrived at their current job at the same time last season with same mandate. One has won two trophies already while the other is playing great football at the moment en route to winning his first silverware in England. With the rivalry going on you can see Manchester United betting at William Hill getting the best bet out of the season.

The attractive football that is being played by City and the power tussle in the city makes it more difficult for one to accept defeat easily. It has never happened in the history of United whereby a section of the fans love the coach of their neighboring club more than theirs. That is the situation at the moment.

Football is all about competition and rivalry and that’s the interesting part of the game. Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson had similar rivalry in early 2000 that also led to the pizza-gate back then in 2005.

However there was much respect from both managers. What is playing out now is obsession from both sides. We understand the desire to deliver silverware but not at the expense of creating enemy outside the pitch. This was part of the reasons that cut short the stint of Mourinho in Spain.

Both coaches have to realize that at this point in football, they are arguably the best and managing neighboring clubs makes their job much more demanding, but football is a unifying sport and they have to note this.

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