As the final few games of the Premier League season just around the corner, all eyes will be on the relegation battle as it looks like that it will be decided on the final day of the season. The three teams which currently occupy the relegation places, and are favourites to go down according to the Premier League odds, are Southampton, Stoke City and West Brom.

West Brom are currently nine points from safety and will have to win all their remaining games and hope that results go their way if they are to have any chance of surviving. Meanwhile, both Southampton and Stoke are five points off safety and have some must win games against relegation rivals if they are to have any chance of surviving.

Ultimately no club in any division wants to experience relegation, but unfortunately there are clubs that experience it every season.

In the history of the Premier League there have been a total of 49 clubs which have played in the league at least once. Out of those 49 clubs, only six have competed in every season of the Premier League – Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur.

These teams have managed to survive in the most competitive league for all these years due to their excellent training facilities and a smart recruitment policy. With the amount of money that is being used in football every club has these kind of facilities and policies however these clubs were ahead of the curve and managed to get these things implemented as soon as possible.

There are many different ‘groups’ which make up a football club, one of the most important ones are the fans. Although fans no longer provide the biggest income for Premier League clubs, the most passionate fans still turn up every games to watch their team in action and generate the best atmosphere possible to cheer on their team and unsettle the opposition team.

Even though every game is around 90 minutes in length, fans still invest large sums of money in the club every season so they can watch the games live. The majority of the money being spent is the season ticket, but there are other investments such as a replica shirt and programmes which all add up. This infographic breaks down the cost of being a fan of a Premier League club. Have a look and see how much you could be spending every season.


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