Jose Mourinho should show more trust in young attackers.

Manchester United are in the market to boost their squad and the most important department Jose Mourinho wish to strengthen is the attack. However, Jose Mourinho have to start showing more trust in his young attackers.

Players like Lingard, Rashford and Martial have been bubbling under in the first team and have taken their chances any time called to the starting lineup. In fact, Lingard is now part of the starting 11 at Old Trafford at the moment.

If reports that United have shown interest in Arsenal’s want away attacker, Alexis Sanchez are anything to go by, the playing chances these two players get will automatically reduce.

I understand the sentiment that United are vying for three tournaments at this point in time and they have a good shot at the FA cup despite lagging behind city rival, Manchester City in the league and no one can really say your chance of winning the champions league until the semi finals. It is of no doubt that football lovers will try sports betting online for every of these games just to get rewarded for their passion.

However, the current squad depth is good enough with one or two additions whom don’t have to necessarily be big names coming in at this point in time. What Mourinho should priorities is how to get his players firing on all fronts.

The form of Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been a dilemma for the Portuguese but he had to be able to get him back to that early season form when he rakes in an assist per game. The confidence level of Lukaku has to return. United need players to understand themselves better than make more addition. This is a long term fix than making many marque signing this winter transfer window.

The figures speak for it. United numbers are not bad if not for City’s impeccable and unbelievable run of form in the league.

Anthony Martial might be considering a move out of Old Trafford if things continue at this rate at the club with the coach always substituting him and now getting a player in the realm of Sanchez does not only bring competition to the squad on the up side but also pushes players like the 22-year-old down which is on the low for United.

Martial ability has never been in doubt, so if he won’t get the playing chance he feels he deserve at United, moving elsewhere won’t be far fetch for the French striker.

Looking at Lingard for instance, a player that has been the head of every criticism directed towards United last season and early this season has turn out to be the player with match winning goals this season.

With 11 goals and 5 assist so far this season shows that having faith in your players can go a long way in helping create a synergy that will forever last for your team. The 25-year-old now have a place in Jose’s team. Credit has to go to Mourinho for sticking by him when fans were calling for his head.

Marcus Rashford is another player Jose’s magic hand has to bring back to form as these are players that could serve the club on a long term.

At 20, Rashford poses figures that can only be bettered by the exceptional ones like Lionel Messi. Kylian Mbappe is the only player that poses a better goal stat than Rashford before age 20. The only way for this England champ is up only if he’s trusted that he can do it.

Mourinho has his work well cut out for him and he knows he has a better chance at improving his young lads than chasing players that will only serve you a season or two.

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